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As a complete service restoration company, we have  got every little thing that it takes to get your house back in fantastic shape. We strive to ensure that wetness issues in your house are appropriately dealt with, and guarantee that mold removal is done successfully the first time so that the issue doesn't repeat. Seeing to it that your house's issues are cared for right the first time means a more cost effective solution for you, and a much better total experience. Whether it's mold removal, water damages, mold assessment, or various other services for your home, we can to respond to your emergencies within an hour of your call. We comprehend that your home emergencies don't always happen in between 9 and 5, and that's why our response team is available all the time. Do not hesitate to give us a call-- we're here for you and your house 24 hours a day!

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In order to effectively remove mold, it is important to have a certain level of understanding of what exactly mold is, what are the risks involved, and how mold got to your area in the first place.  Having that knowledge, together with some mold removal tips, will help you understand what exactly will be going on when a Carlsbad mold testing and removal company comes in to solve your problem. This problem is something you would not want to handle yourself, since molds can pose serious health risks.


Mold Removal Service in  Carlsbad

Health Risks: If your Carlsbad home has sustained mold and water damage, you and your family are at risk of having respiratory and other health problems. There are different types of molds and most of them cause health issues in one way or another. Mold has been known to cause asthma attacks, skin irritations, itchiness, allergies, eye irritations, and other health problems.  This is most especially true in children and in elderly, who have weaker respiratory and immune systems.

This reason alone should be enough reason for you to call a mold removal company so that you can begin the mold remediation process as soon as possible.

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Mold Assessment : When a mold cleanup company goes to your home, the first thing that they will likely do is perform an investigation and assessment of the problem.  It would be of great help if the homeowner can tell them which areas have molds been noticed.  Of course these professionals will be conducting a thorough inspection of the house in order to see exactly how much mold infestation is in the house.  It would also help to inform the professionals of any recent incidents that might have happened that could cause molds to breed.  If a pipe has been broken or you have had an overflowing toilet, do not hesitate to inform the professionals as these are significant events that might have led to mold infestation.

If there are residents who have symptoms of itchiness and respiratory problems, most probably a sampling will also have to be conducted.  Since there is a possibility that the molds have already caused a health condition, it is important to determine what kinds of molds are present in the home.  This is done through sampling of surfaces and the air.  These samples are sent to laboratories in order to be tested and identified. 

If you or a family member need to see a doctor for allergies or respiratory problems, the type of mold could help in accurate diagnosis of the sicknesses might have been caused by a specific type of mold.

Mold Inspection Service: After the assessment and inspection, it is important to first stop the source of moisture that has caused the breeding of molds.  The water damage is often times the root cause of molds to grow in the first place, and unless this is addressed, molds will only return quicker than you think. Addressing the root cause of the problem is the only way to a permanent solution.

Once the cause has been identified, it is possible that there might be plumbing work required, or probably some of your appliances might have to be repaired or replaced.

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Mold Clean Up: Once the cause of the moisture is fixed, the actual mold removal can now begin.  We make use of powerful mold remediation products and equipment in order to permanently remove mold.  This task can be a health risk in itself since it can involve mold remediation bleach and other chemicals.  Make sure you are working with a company that can present mold remediation certification to ensure that you are working only with highly skilled professionals who know what they are doing.  This will also ensure that the job is done properly, and that any dangerous chemicals will be thoroughly cleaned from your home.

Post Remediation Testing : It is important to test and inspect the area after the mold removal process.  Any mold that is left can very easily propagate and you will be having the same problem once more. Post remediation testing ensures that all mold particles have been removed.  This will also give you the peace of mind that your home is finally a safer place to live in.

Mold Prevention : There are some tips you can follow in order to prevent future occurrence of molds in your Carlsbad home.  The most critical factor is preventing any moisture from seeping into your home.  Roofs and gutters must regularly be cleaned.  Equipment and appliances that are prone to produce moisture such as refrigerators and air conditioning units must regularly be maintained.  Drip pans should always be kept clean and dry.  Drain lines should also be unobstructed to keep water flowing freely.

You can also choose to monitor the humidity levels in your home, since high humidity will also help mold to grow. You can purchase a humidity meter and most hardware stores for this purpose.  Indoor humidity should be kept below 55% in order to prevent mold growth.

If there are unfortunate events such as natural floods or indoor running water, make sure that everything is cleaned immediately. Water Damage can happen when it seeps into walls and underneath wall paper and wood panels.  Make sure to watch out for any foul smell since this might indicate mold growth that is not easily seen.  As soon as you have any suspicion of mold growth, make sure to contact a Carlsbad mold removal company to ensure that the mold will not spread and propagate.

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